Brand Photography by Bee Seen Marketing

It was one of those days when everything just worked. It was as though every person in the room was hand-picked to be there fulfilling their life purpose. At the end of February, I was given the opportunity to be the photographer for a cosmetics brand photoshoot. Alongside my friends, video genius Pauline Scully of No Ends Media, her sister Margaret Salazar who was acting as backup photographer for the day (and who also happens to be an incredibly talented illustrator), and a handful of other beautiful humans, we spent a full day creating.

Redhead Revolution owner, Katelin Loveless, in a feat of utter magic, coordinated a fully staged apartment at Broadstone Makers Quarter in San Diego, vintage clothing rental, models (Mercedes and Allyson) and a team of creators.
Averi Jenkins was our star hair/makeup artist and made sure our models were looking impeccable all day long.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day. Although, I shot this very heavily, it was both fun to shoot and fun to edit. Working on set with professional models is a game changer. Both ladies were poised, playful and helped to create some beautiful imagery that will be used to update the Redhead Revolution website.

A bit about Redhead Revolution: Seeing a hole in the market for red-headed beauties, Kate Loveless, developed her own line of makeup that enhances the natural beauty of freckled skin and light lashes. Her collection of lipstick, brow tint gel, eye shadow, mascara and tinted moisturizer will have redheads all over feeling like they are finally seen. It was an absolute honor to work with such a cool brand!

Special thanks to Casey, Margaret and Ariell for all your help in coordinating, holding props, running light tests, etc.

If you have a product or brand that needs professional photography, contact Bee Seen Marketing today! Perhaps we can’t work together today, as we are all on coronavirus lockdown, but I am hopeful that we will be back to business as usual very soon!

Credits & Insta Handles: Brand: @redhead_revolution

Photography: @beeseenmarketingmedia

Videography: @noendsmedia

Makeup and hair: @ohmissaveri

Models: @allysonvastano and @cherrybenzz

Assistants: @ms.cocoons, @caseycoronacreator, @relceleste