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Bee Seen Marketing Commercial Photography

Commercial Product



Whether your product is small or large, we would love to capture it. Beautiful light and high-quality images help to create stunning photographs. See some examples of our work below.

For smaller products, you can send them to us to photograph, however, we also have access to commercial photo studios for products of a larger scale.

We’ve worked with brands in the food and beverage, beauty, manufacturing industry and more! We do much more than simple photos on a backdrop!

Check out our product lifestyle photos and professional headshots.

Bee Seen Marketing Lifestyle Photography



Lifestyle Photography

We’ve found that most companies want to have a photographic library that consists of both standard commercial product shots, and photographs where the product is being used (lifestyle shots). For these lifestyle photos, we work with models in light-controlled spaces to paint a picture of how your products will be used. We have found that these photographs can help your customers to visually understand how to use your products and better relate to them. Having a robust library of photographs for use on your website, social media platforms and in advertising is one step toward looking professional and making an impact with prospective clientele.

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Website Design & Development


Website Design & Development Services

From simple websites, to full eCommerce packages, we work to create unique websites that help you stand out from your competitors. Whether you are looking to use a website platform like Wix or SquareSpace, or something with a built-in store, like Shopify or Wordpress with WooCommerce, we have experience. Based on your unique needs, we can also help to point you in the right direction of the platform that is best for you. Contact us today for more information and let’s see if we are a fit for your next project! Check out a few examples of our projects below.